Friday, February 18, 2011

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My daughter and I started to blog, for one reason among many I'm sure, so that we could kind of track each other while she lived in Florida, while I was still here in Colorado, some years ago. She started writing about thrifting clothes (the apple not falling far from the tree there,) and taking pictures of the outfits she put together and wore everyday.

She's since been picked up by style aggregators like and and her photo has been even lifted by The She gets god-knows-how-many hits everyday. I'm not surprised. Her style is completely her own and her writing is top-notch.

And now (or last month anyway,) she was voted Style of the Year by 303 Magazine, Denver's style, fashion and clothing magazine for the modern hipster.

Yeah, you could say I'm pretty proud. Mostly because she just did something she wanted to do, something that came from her heart and was about who she is as a person. She wasn't trying to monetize it or count the hits or link here and there, though that came later. She just wanted to show the world what she did and let it hear what she had to say. So I'm proud that she's Style of the Year. But mostly I'm proud that she's smart, and beautiful, and witty, and thoughtful, and that she's my kid.

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Second Skin said...

I think I have written and erased four paragraphs now. Silly. I'll come back later when I regain my head. But, ya, she's really really great. Bla. That is so weak.