Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stranglehold of death

Someone told me once that the word "mortgage" is from the French and means "stranglehold of death". Well, yesterday afternoon I went to my bank and withdrew money from my savings (that was paying me .5 percent) and drove over the local branch of US Bank and paid off my (5.5 percent) mortgage. In full.

So now, my little strangleholders...I own my house. Free and clear. There are now no bankers, stock brokers, debt traders, mortgage companies, real estate agents, lien holders or other low-life bloodsuckers involved in my personal business.

I also own my car. I also have no credit card debt.

So, to so-called financial wizards who brought this country to its bloody knees, you who heartlessly drove people from the homes you cheated them into buying and then put them and their children out on the who traded and sold our hard-earned gains like baseball who created an unprecedented toxic environment of unemployment and deep, ink-black all of you pencil-dicks in your bad-fitting suits, tasseled cordovan loafers and stupid all of you I would like to just say, not in a nice way...

..."Go fuck yourselves."


Zoƫ said...

Amen and Congratulations.

That's a pretty disturbing word origin you've found there. Disturbing, but fitting.


Second Skin said...

I love it.